GlobalTranz Freight Agent Program Spotlight: Casey Weber of Dextera Logistics

For nearly two decades, Casey Weber worked for one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the nation and utilized a "blood, sweat and tears" approach to helping companies move their products. However, he never felt appreciated by the company he worked for and realized he would not fulfill the dreams that he and his family had if he remained there.

By chance, he met with a couple of logistics professionals who owned a GlobalTranz freight agency and was immediately impressed by what they told him about their experience. Before long, Weber began his research on starting his own agency and is now the proud owner of Dextera Logistics. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the company has seen great success after only a little over a year of existence — a fact Weber attributes to the support he receives from GlobalTranz and the tight knit community of freight agents.

Below, Weber answers questions about why he started a GlobalTranz freight agency and believes the company is a premier destination for those who want unlimited potential in their career.

What made you decide to make this leap and become a freight agency owner with GlobalTranz?

I had been with a big corporation — the largest 3PL in the country for 18 years. Frankly, it got to the point where things had moved so far away from what I enjoyed most about this business, and it was time for me to make a change. By chance, I ran into a couple of guys who owned a freight agency for GlobalTranz. We talked and the rest is history.

When you were making this decision, did you shop any other businesses or 3PLs?

I trusted the existing independent freight agents who helped me, so I really didn't shop around. In terms of other freight agencies, I had some other opportunities with some other 3PLs. But when I found out about GlobalTranz and learned more about what they were doing, it looked great to me.

How has your experience been with other freight agents?

My experience with other freight agents has been great so far. The agents who helped me start my agency with GlobalTranz have been absolutely amazing. There is so much business out there and there's no reason for us to compete against each other. If we can cooperate, we can all do better — not only for ourselves and our families, but for GlobalTranz as well.

Why did you decide to go from a corporate job to owning your own freight agency?

What I learned near the end of my tenure is that I spent a lot of time and effort and blood, sweat and tears, and every year I'd be told why I wasn't worth more. The opportunity with GlobalTranz allowed me to realize my potential. What can I do? What's my value in the marketplace? So now that I'm here, it just seemed like a no-brainer.

How has the GlobalTranz corporate team supported you as you've taken on this new position?

The freight agent development team was great from the start and the recruiters were great as well. I learned so much in terms of where I need to go for certain resources. And just the encouragement that they've provided over time has been outstanding.

What have you liked the most so far about owning your own business?

Just being able to call the shots. Coming from a large corporation, there were layers upon layers upon layers. Before you know it, you have eight bosses, and now I really only answer to me. Some days that's thrilling. Some days that can be a lot. But I pushed myself into an area where I wasn't comfortable — but an area where I could hit my dreams for myself and my family.

How would you describe your experience with GlobalTanz using one or two words?

I'd describe my experience with GlobalTranz, as "unlimited potential." For me, going from working in a corporation to owning my own business — having no cap on what I can do — is so exciting. We just can't wait to see what the next year holds for us.

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Anything else you would like to say for those who are considering becoming an independent freight agent?

The thing that I appreciated most about GlobalTranz when I was getting started is that I didn't have a bunch of overhead. As I was growing my business, I was essentially paying as I went along. That took a lot of stress off me to be able to focus on what I knew best, and that's moving freight and not worrying about having to pay a bunch of money up front to another group. It was "pay as I go" and I really appreciate that part.

Are you interested in becoming an independent freight agent with GlobalTranz?

The GlobalTranz freight agent program provides access to a full suite of transportation services and logistics solutions. Our independent freight agents are also backed by sales, marketing and back-office support, along with industry-leading technology.

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1Figures are representative of actual GlobalTranz agents but not representative of all. Gross profit varies by individual or business and takes on average at least two years to obtain.