How a 3PL Can Help Grow Your Freight Agency

Becoming a successful freight agent takes dedication, a strong work ethic, organizational skills and creative problem solving - just to name a few skills. Today, freight agent programs are making it easier to find success, but it's important to find the right program - one designed with your unique situation in mind.

Why choose the GlobalTranz freight agent model?

While there are obvious benefits and reasons to become an independent freight agent, deciding which 3PL to join forces with can be daunting. We make it simple - we invest in technology, are up to date on all industry trends, we offer robust back-end support, and our scale and model allow for a multitude of services agents can build their portfolio around.

Whether you're an existing freight agent looking to grow your business or a new agent just getting started, it's time to partner with GlobalTranz to maximize your potential.

Leverage best-in-class logistics technology solutions

Our technology has been revolutionizing the freight industry for more than a decade. As leaders in freight tech, we have worked hard to create the type of logistics technology that will help any agent from the novice to the expert succeed.

GlobalTranz TMS for Agents offers a control tower view of your transportation operation, allowing you to better serve your customers. Capabilities of our TMS include:

  • Rate, quote and order management
  • Real-time tracking and notifications
  • Reporting and dashboard tools
  • API and EDI integration tools
  • Custom workflow management
  • Back-office tools
  • Customer and vendor management

The GlobalTranz TMS also assists agents looking to grow their business with leads to help you find more customers.  For freight agents on the go, GlobalTranz Mobile provides real-time access to the LTL load board, shipment details, shipping documents, in-app dispatching and more.

Great technology is what separates the best logistics providers from the rest. Out of all agent-based freight brokerage models, we chose GlobalTranz for their technology. We use GlobalTranz TMS for sales and operations, while our shippers use it to manage their own shipments. I truly believe GlobalTranz is the best in the industry at providing the tools and technology necessary to take our business to the next level.

— Igor Kapelnikov, Agent Owner

Expand your product offering

GlobalTranz offers a full suite of transportation solutions, including multimodal shipping and managed transportation. Whether you specialize in one mode or a variety of solutions, GlobalTranz has what you need to succeed. You'll have access to the capacity needed to meet your customers' needs, with more than 85,000 carriers, including more than 75+ best-in-class LTL carriers.

GlobalTranz offers transportation solutions for:

  • Managed transportation
  • Less-than-truckload
  • Truckload
  • Final mile delivery
  • Expedited and air
  • Intermodal and rail
  • Air and ocean
  • Mexico cross-border

Grow your freight agent business with marketing, sales and back-office support

Running a successful freight business takes more than just working with customers and booking loads. Many of the back-office operations take away valuable time from freight agents. GlobalTranz offers comprehensive administrative support for payroll processing, vendor and carrier payments, claim filing, financial reporting and more - so agents can focus on growing their business.

But even growing your business isn't something you have to do alone. GlobalTranz supports agents with marketing and sales to bring in new customers. Leveraging the GlobalTranz name and brand can add credibility and help attract prospects. And you'll also gain access to our module for sourcing valuable leads.

Lean on GlobalTranz for marketing and sales support, including:

  • Customizable sales presentations
  • Comprehensive sales collateral
  • 24/7 operations support
  • Dedicated customer service reps

Working with GlobalTranz has allowed me to grow my business because I can better serve customers, I can get them set up quickly, I can get answers quickly. I don't see GlobalTranz as an employer; I see them as a partner. They are not there to tell me what to do [or] tell me how to do it - unless I ask. So having the support of the back-office at GlobalTranz has allowed me to focus on the customer, focus on sales, focus on getting the job done - not paperwork, not figuring out the mess that is time consuming. GlobalTranz has all that figured out and they're constantly working behind the scenes to make sure I don't have to.

— Jackson Wingfield, GlobalTranz Agent

Continue to learn and develop your operational strategies

The logistics industry moves fast with the constant introduction of new trends, logistics technology and transportation solutions. GlobalTranz stays on top of the latest logistics industry trends and provides ongoing support and training to our agents. When you sign up for the GlobalTranz freight agent program, you get paired with an experienced agent mentor who provides one-on-one business coaching to help you maximize your growth potential. Our team can help with both day-to-day operational questions and advice, as well as long-term growth strategies.

You can leverage our subject matter experts as you expand your business into new services outside of your specialty, such as LTL, intermodal, expedited and more. We can assist with sales calls and strategy development.

GlobalTranz agents are invited to attend GTZCON, our annual freight agent conference, where you'll hear from industry leaders and network with other agents and GlobalTranz team members. Walk away with insights and best practices for growing your business and delivering the best solution to your customers.

[Joining GlobalTranz has] opened up opportunities for us to build our own business. It's opened up opportunities for us to create jobs within our community. It's also given us the opportunity to give back to our community as well.

— Evan Calvin, GlobalTranz Agent

Ready to take your freight career to the next level?

The logistics industry is growing, and there are endless opportunities to make your mark and be successful - and GlobalTranz wants to help. Our freight agent program is designed with your success in mind. But don’t take our word for it – learn from Brandon Arnold and Adrain Gram of Brew Movers to understand why they chose to work with GlobalTranz to grow their business.

Reach out today to learn more about becoming a GlobalTranz freight agent.