GlobalTranz Independent Freight Agent Spotlight: Brandon Arnold and Adrian Gram of Brew Movers

At GlobalTranz, we help customers ship just about everything. Thanks to a couple of our independent freight agents, that includes craft beer and the ingredients to make it. Founded by Brandon Arnold and Adrian Gram, Brew Movers was created with the goal of providing logistical solutions to those involved in the creation of all kinds of hops-inspired beverages.

Recently, Arnold and Gram talked with us about why they chose the GlobalTranz freight agent program and how that decision has impacted their career and personal lives. They also lend some advice to anyone who may want to become a agent themselves (spoiler alert: you should want to!).

What did you do prior to joining the GlobalTranz freight agent program?

Brandon Arnold: I have a long history in logistics. I started my logistics career with C.H. Robinson and spent about eight years there before moving to XPO Logistics. I helped XPO get their brokerage started down in Charlotte, N.C. From there, I started a trucking company with my partner Adrian. Then we got back into the freight brokerage world and chose GlobalTranz as our partner.

Adrian Gram: For over 15 years, I worked in the construction equipment rental business, beginning as an outside sales rep and holding many positions over the years. That's when I met my partner, Brandon. We formed our own agency and started this business.

What made you choose to become a GlobalTranz independent freight agent instead of working with other freight agent companies?

Brandon Arnold: As soon as I knew I was going to get back into a brokerage, I knew GlobalTranz was where I wanted to be. I had friends from C.H. Robinson and XPO that had left and joined them. I knew some of their history and what they provided, so it was a very easy decision for me to choose GlobalTranz over other freight agent companies.

Adrian Gram: You know, there are a lot of options out there, but word of mouth and referrals go a long way. Brandon had some great things come from those recommendations. So, GlobalTranz was the right decision for us.

What are some of the GlobalTranz value props that stuck out to you?

Brandon Arnold: Technology was huge. I've seen lots of different technology platforms, and the GlobalTranz technology was number one in my eyes with its ability to collaborate and offer transparent service with their back-office support. Similar agent programs don't offer the same support or transparency to their agencies. I knew GlobalTranz had that, so that helped make our decision.

Adrian Gram: When we evaluated GlobalTranz, it was the partnership and access to technology, carriers, pricing and customer portals that helped us decide. As a small business, you don't have all of those resources. GlobalTranz had that bundled for us, and it made sense to go to market with those types of products.

What's your favorite part of being part of the GlobalTranz family?

Brandon Arnold: My favorite part about the GlobalTranz family — and not to be cliché at all — is that it's a work hard, play hard environment. Every time we go to shows and conferences, everyone works hard, but we also have an amazing time.

Adrian Gram: What I value the most are the friendships that we have actually built. It's no longer just transactional here. Whether you're in the credit department, marketing department, agent development or part of any of the other agencies that are a part of GlobalTranz, we're now friends.

What else on the personal side have you enjoyed since becoming a GlobalTranz independent agent?

Brandon Arnold: I think it's the work-life balance at GlobalTranz and just being able to own your own business with a back support system. Adrian and I started the business. and we were doing everything on our own. We had a few people helping us, but it was really just us. Working with GlobalTranz, they offer this huge support network behind the scenes that allows us to also have a life. You're able to get out there and see your kids — go to my son's hockey game, go see my daughter skate or do different things with family that I feel in other entrepreneurial worlds you're not necessarily able to do. I have other friends doing business outside of logistics and they're always asking, "how are you guys able to do so much? It's such a young business." I explain that we have this amazing support network of logistics professionals behind us.

Has becoming an agent with GlobalTranz taken some stress off you?

Adrian Gram: Absolutely. Some of the biggest challenges you have as a small business owner are finances, paying bills and receivables. The partnership with GlobalTranz gives us the technology to go and pay carriers and collect receivables from customers. It's just a huge weight off our back so we can focus on talking to customers, growing the business, finding new customers and solving problems for them every day.

What is the one word that describes your partnership with GlobalTranz?

Adrian Gram: The one word would be "collaboration." It's what we do and it's what helped our agency better partner with GlobalTranz. We collaborate with the finance teams, credit teams, claims teams and everyone. We work together to solve problems and come up with something that hopefully makes both GlobalTranz and Brew Movers better companies.

Brandon Arnold: Partnership. I think that's genuinely what it is. It's not a one-sided deal where Adrian and I and our team are working our butts off with no help. They (GlobalTranz) are always there and they're always ready to help us. I could pick up the phone and talk to the CEO tomorrow and they would be willing to help. It's not one of these organizations that you only get certain help at certain times from certain people. It's an open book. It's very transparent. They're always willing to help, and anyone at any level is willing to step in and help us out.

Let's say someone is on the fence about the GlobalTranz agent program. What's your quick pitch of why it's a no-brainer?

Brandon Arnold: My selling point would be, "do you want to make a lot of money in your life, and do you want help doing that? If your answer is no, then GlobalTranz is not the place for you. If your answer is yes, then GlobalTranz can help you become a successful freight agent." Again, I've seen a lot of these other partnership networks and these other agent models and none of them have the support that we do here at GlobalTranz. And I don't think any of them make the money that we can make here. So, there is the potential to make lots of money and also grow a business that you could pass down to your kids or hire other friends and folks that want to be a part of it — that's what I would emphasize.

Adrian Gram: It's a very transparent, open and trustworthy partnership. And then you have access to support, and you have the tools and resources to scale and grow your business. They want to help you grow. They want you to be successful. GlobalTranz gives you those tools and resources, whether it's direct through GlobalTranz, or getting access to other agents who have been successful in growing their businesses. We all help raise the tide together.

Are you interested in becoming an independent freight agent with GlobalTranz?

The GlobalTranz freight agent program provides access to a full suite of transportation services and logistics solutions. Our independent agents are also backed by sales, marketing and office support, along with industry-leading technology.

GlobalTranz agents enjoy highly competitive commission splits, paid upon shipment delivery, plus sign-on and transition bonus opportunities. With no territory or boundary restrictions, your income potential is in your hands. Many agents see 30-40% year-over-year growth after their first year.

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